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SER MWGL Members Attend 2018 Natural Areas Conference in Bloomington, IN

Posted on 13th Nov 2018


Standing left to right: Adam Thada, Freya Bernston, Amy Silva, Dana Claussen, and Mary Damm. Seated left to right: Rebacca Swab and Betsy Yankowiak.

The Natural Areas Association (NAA) will hold its annual conference October 23-25 in Bloomington, Indiana and the Midwest Great Lakes Chapter of SER (the Society for Ecological Restoration) will be there. Come join us.

On Tuesday October 23, the opening day of the conference, the MWGL chapter hosted an informal lunch for chapter members, and prospective members. The lunch was from 12 noon to 1:30 in the Tudor Room of the Indiana Memorial Union. Hosted by Mary Damm, SER MWGL Board member from Indiana, the gathering attracted a small, but lively group of SER MWGL members. The event was an opportunity to meet other SER members and to learn more about the chapter’s mission and activities. For more information about the NAA event contact: To learn more about SER and the chapter, visit our website at:

Adam is the Director of Ecological Relationships at The Center at
Donaldson (sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ) in
Plymouth, IN.
Freya, Amy, Dana, and Betsy work at the Little River Wetlands Project
in Fort Wayne, IN.
Rebecca is the Director of Restoration Ecology at the Wilds in Cumberland, OH.
Mary, a PhD student at Indiana University in Bloomington, defended her dissertation on native and reconstructed tallgrass
prairies November 9!

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