I manage a 3-acre prairie planting on the Butler University campus in Indianapolis (http://legacy.butler.edu/herbarium/prairies/). The site was planted from seed of 50 Indiana native prairie species in 1987. We burn every few years and also keep woody plants under control with occasional lopping and herbiciding.

Goldenrod plea post

Over the last five years or so, diversity has been decreasing and tall or Canada goldenrod has been on the rise. Lots of folks I talk to acknowledge that goldenrod can be a problem and that prescribed burns to not control it. I do not find much literature or advice out there about how it can be controlled. Much of our prairie is still very nice with compass plant, bee balm, wild indigo, round-headed bush clover, etc., but each year less big blue stem, switch grass, Canada wild rye, Indiana grass, and many forbs. Can anyone offer me advice on how to get the goldenrod under control? Nuke everything and start again? Broadleaf herbicide some and drill in seed of desired plants? Till and pull up goldenrod rhizomes and plant with seed or plugs?

If you have advice or observations to share, please email me. I’ll compile and post the responses. Thank you!

– Becky Dolan