Presentations from the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Chapter Conference
Brave New World: Working with Emerging Ecosystems and Other New Challenges
University of Maryland, College Park Campus
April 1-2, 2011

Margaret A. Palmer – Ecosystems: Reference, Emerging, and Novel, and the
Implications for Restoration

Marilyn Jordan – Novel Ecosystems, Food Webs and Conservation Strategies

R. Michael Erwin – Chesapeake Bay:  Waterbirds at Risk, Island Losses, and
Restoration Potential with Dredged Materials

James E. Perry – Quantifying the Replacement of Lost Wetland Functions in
Created and Restored Wetlands: The Role of Science in Policy and Regulatory

Alexander Felson – Constructing Nature for the Sake of Science, Adaptation,
and the Public Good: Bridging Experimental Research with Ecological Design

Kathy Poole – Misplaced Moralism, Presumed Values, and Misinformation:
A Practitioner’s View of How New Ecological Challenges Can Forge New

Frank Gallagher – Urban Wildlands, Ecological Structure, Function, and Risk:
Lessons from Liberty State Park

Michael Feller – Strategies for Transforming Landscapes from Alien-Dominated
Plant Communities into Native-Dominated Ecosystems

Jodie M. Shivery – Model for Vegetation Management along Maryland Roadways

Richard Bolton – Mitigating for Vernal Pool Herptile Habitat at the Landscape
Scale: Three Project Applications from the Northeast United States

Mark June-Wells – Water Chemistry Preferences of Five Non-Native Species
in Connecticut Lakes: Using the Community Assembly Hypothesis to Predict
Non-Native Species Invasion

Susan F. Cushman – Model Changes in Benthic Macroinvertebrate Community
Structure following Stream Restoration