Presentations from the First Annual Mid-Atantic Chapter Conference
Doing Restoration Right: Putting the Plan into Practice

University of Philadelphia
January 10, 2006

Keith Bowers – Keynote Address

Kellie Westervelt – National Vegetation Classification System As a Tool for Identifying Systems of Reference

Bob Swain – Phasing and Funding

Bob Adams – Recruiting and Managing Volunteers for Forest Restoration

Claire Billet – Plant Community Health Metrics: Smart Conservation

David Robertson – Use It or Lose It:The Importance of Maintenance in Restoration Planning and Implementation

Jeff Keller – What Makes a Wetland?

John Balletto – Monitoring for Large-Scale Habitat Restoration

John Munro – Site Failures as Tools for the ER Designer

Miles Arnott – Plant Stewardship Index

Roger Lantham – Native Grasslands and Meadows in Pennsylvania: Their History and Current Condition

Tom Witmer – Restoration Case Studies