Native seeds are vital to the recovery of millions of acres of U.S. land that have been disturbed by human activities or severe weather events. They play an essential but under-recognized role in maintaining the health of the nation’s parks and forests, rangelands, roadsides, lands recovered after energy development, and other natural and semi-natural areas, including in urban areas, where they are in high demand for “green” infrastructure like green roofs and bioswales for stormwater management.

Supplying the desired seed types and species mixes for these activities is a challenge, in part because of the varied climatic and environmental niches of the more than 17,000 native plant species of the United States. With input from federal agency representatives, city planners, restoration practitioners, seed suppliers, and other experts from across the system, this interim report provides a set of observations about the complexities of the U.S. native seed supply chain.

The public is invited to learn about the report in a public briefing on Friday, November 13, 2020, 12:30-1:30 EST.

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