Webinar: Generation Restoration – September 10

Travis Sowards, President of the GB-SER student chapter at Brigham Young University, will be presenting in this webinar. September 10: SER Webinar: Generation Restoration Speaker: Wilmar Ovares, Travis Sowards. SER has 19 student associations around the world. This webinar will focus on two associations – UNED Costa Rica Student Network for Ecological Restoration and SER-Brigham […]

Jarbidge, NV
Featured Webinar: Generation Restoration – September 10


Certification Window Open – CERPs and CERPIT

Another certification application window opened yesterday, August 17, for both Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioners (CERPs) and Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioners In-Training (CERPIT). The application is available here: https://www.ser.org/page/CERPApplications and is open through October 16, 2020.Read More

CANCELLED – GBSER/GBC Meeting in Boise March 17-19

Due to many cancellations and risks related to COVID-19 for a non-critical in-person meeting, the Great Basin Society for Ecological Restoration and Great Basin Consortium biennial meeting has been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience and are now contemplating a...Read More

2020 GBSER Newsletter now available

Read the latest GBSER newsletter for current news and information. You can see this and other newsletters by visiting the Annual Newsletters tab on our website, or click the following link to download the most current newsletter: GB SER newsletter...Read More

Video Presentations – 2019 SER World Conference

Recorded versions of the talks at the SER World Conference 2019 (Cape Town) will be made available at the link below: SER 2019 Recorded Talks (https://www.facebook.com/pg/SocietyforEcologicalRestoration/videos/?page=1&ref=page_internal) Most talks should be loaded by the end of December and will be free...Read More