The 47th Natural Areas Conference, Sierra to Sagebrush: Integrating Management and Stewardship Across Landscapes, is focused on the unique ecological and management dynamics that distinguish the Nevada-California borderlands and will take place virtually from October 13-16, 2020.

The symposium “Linking Research and Management to Improve Native Plant Restoration in the Great Basin” will be held on October 15 and will discuss the development and use of native seed in natural areas management.

Symposium Description: Native plant diversity is the hallmark of a healthy ecosystem. In the Great Basin, our native plant communities are threatened by the accelerated invasion of non-native species, altered fire regimes, grazing, drought, and climate change. Slowing and reversing this large-scale conversion will require coordinated efforts between researchers and land managers. Selecting the right native seed for the restoration of these native plant communities is crucial for success. This session will highlight the science and restoration efforts utilizing native seeds and plant materials in the sagebrush ecosystems of the Great Basin.

More information about this symposium can be found by clicking this link.