The table below provides information on restoration education programs in Western Canada.

Opportunities range from diplomas to Master’s programs and continuing education courses. Many institutions offer flexible options, including part-time studies and distance education.

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Institution Program Type(s) Program(s)
MITACS accelerate program Research Associate /Postdoctoral Assessing Habitat-dependent Variation in Distribution & Abundance of Aquatic Invertebrates in Alberta Wetlands
University of Saskatchewan Master’s Soil Sciences

  1. Restoration of Northern Plant-Soil Systems
  2. Boreal Rhizosphere Dynamics in Peat-Amended Soils
BC Institute of Technology Bachelor’s Ecological Restoration
Canadian Rivers Institute Online courses & workshops Aquatic Sciences
University of Victoria Diploma
Continuing Education Courses
Restoration of Natural Systems
Certificate Ecological Restoration

2018 Fall/Winter Course Offerings

Simon Fraser University – BC Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science Ecological Restoration (BCIT)
Master’s Ecological Restoration (SFU)
Ecological Restoration (BCIT)
University of Alberta Master’s
Land Reclamation International Graduate School
Funded Grad Student Opportunities in Forest Management
Vacancies include:
1)      Erosion and sedimentation processes;
2)      Forest and climate change impacts on hydrology; and
3)      Integrated resource road planning.
To apply contact: Axel Anderson, P.Eng. RPF.
Post-Doctoral Water-related Risks & Opportunities for Wetland Viability & Restoration
Bachelor’s Environmental and Conservation Sciences (Land Reclamation Major)
Continuing Education Courses Credit courses
MSc. candidate interested in studying invasive species on seismic lines Dr. Scott Nielson, Biodiversity Chair
Lakeland College Diploma Conservation and Restoration Ecology
Environmental Conservation Reclamation
Lethbridge College Diploma Environmental Assessment and Restoration
Medicine Hat College Diploma Environmental Reclamation Technician
Olds College Diploma Land Reclamation and Remediation
Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences (UBC) Bachelor’s Ecology and Evolutionary Biology