Society for Ecological Restoration-Rocky Mountains Chapter  


Professional Development Grant Program

for Students and Professionals

Elizabeth Pansing, 2018 Grant Recipient


The Society for Ecological Restoration-Rocky Mountains Chapter (SER-RM) is offering professional development grants to support students and practitioners interested in attending workshops or conferences related to ecological restoration.

  • Grants are available for practitioners (up to $250) and students (up to $500).
  • Funds may be used toward registration, travel, and/or lodging expenses associated with workshop or conference attendance.
  • Total funding available for scholarships is $2500 per year. 
    • Practitioners: up to $250 per individual 
    • Students: up to $500 per individual
  • Isabel Schroeder, 2018 Grant Recipient

    Applications are accepted throughout the year
  • Applications will be accepted from eligible students and practitioners until all available funds have been awarded.


  • Applicant must be a current SER-RM Chapter member.
  • Applicant may not have already been awarded a SER-RM Professional Development Grant in the same calendar year.
  • Funds requested must be used within the same calendar year.
  • Workshop or conference must align with the SER-RM Chapter mission (see Article III of chapter bylaws below).


  • Priority will be given to applicants who demonstrate intent to present (oral or poster) at the workshop or conference.
  • The applicant must explain why the grant is needed to support workshop/conference attendance and document any matching funds available.
  • If recipient cannot attend, funds must be returned.
  • Recipient agrees to allow SER-RM to announce award on our website and/or other promotional materials. Additionally, recipient agrees to send a photo (i.e., headshot) and presentation title (if applicable) for use in SER-RM posts.
  • Recipient must recognize SER-RM and any other organizations that provided funds to support the SER-RM Professional Development Grant program in their presentation or poster (e.g., Thank You slide or logo).


  • Application requirements- see selection criteria requirements above and include:
  1. Date of request
  2. Name, date, and location of qualified workshop or conference
  3. Total budget for workshop or conference (i.e., expected costs of registration, travel, and lodging.)
  4. Total requested funds
  5. Description of how grant funds will be used and how remaining expenses for conference or workshop will be covered (as appropriate).
  6. Narrative (250 words or less) that describes why the workshop or conference is important to your professional development and how it aligns with the SER-RM mission (see Article III of chapter bylaws, below)
  7. Academic or professional resume


Examples of qualifying workshops and conferences:

  • HAR – SER-RM Conference
  • Society of Wetlands Scientists (SWS)
  • Southern Rockies Seed Network
  • Society for Range Management Meeting
  • Sustaining Colorado’s Watersheds Conference
  • Rocky Mountain Stream Restoration Conference


From SER-RM By-Laws:


Section 1. MISSION STATEMENT – The mission of the Chapter shall be to foster ecological restoration awareness, understanding, and activities among a broad spectrum of participants.

Section 2. OBJECTIVES – Objectives of the Chapter shall be as follows:

  1. To promote the exchange of information related to ecological restoration through emails, social media, newsletters, society publications and meetings.
  2. To develop ecological restoration as a science, art and conservation strategy through research and activities related to all areas of ecological restoration.
  3. To educate the general public, public agencies, private groups and institutions through events, public programs, workshops, publications and guidelines on ecological restoration.
  4. To advise and consult with public agencies, non-profits and the general public regarding improvement of standards and criteria for ecological restoration.


SER-RM Professional Development Grant Flyer