Would you like to get involved on one of our standing committees?

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Outreach committee

The Outreach Committee shall organize public lectures, workshops, and festivals and shall work with the Treasurer to solicit external support for such. (CeRSER Bylaws VII.2.b)

Michael Curran, chair (April 2018 – 2020)

  • Sara Copp
  • Jana Heisler-White
  • Rebecca Hufft
  • David Ross
  • Susan Sherrod

Membership committee

The Membership Committee shall work to encourage and maintain the maximum number of persons residing or working within the Chapter’s geographical limits to become Chapter Members. (CeRSER Bylaws VII.2.c)

Jessica Olson, chair  (April 2018 – 2020)

  • Casey Cisneros
  • Tim Hoelzle
  • Chris Binschus
  • Mark Paschke
  • Denise Arthur

Communications committee

The Communications committee shall maintain the CeRSER web site, and other electronic media, and shall produce and distribute notices of Chapter events, and other printed and electronic materials that further the Chapter objectives and activities. (CeRSER Bylaws VII.2.a)

Jayne Jonas, chair  (April 2018 – 2020)

  • Megan Bowes
  • Magda Garbowski
  • Sabrina Kleinman


Scientific Meeting Committee

The Scientific Meeting Committee shall organize a periodic regional scientific meeting. The Scientific Meeting Committee will organize and appoint subcommittees as needed that will report to the Scientific Meeting Committee. (CeRSER Bylaws VII.2.d)

Randy Mandel, chair  (April 2018 – 2020)