To learn more about an individual board member, click on his or her name. Names in bold indicate chaper leadership.

Emerging professional (EP) directors
Derrick Alcott Emerging Professional Director (stepping down June 2021)
Alexandra Evans Secretary and Emerging Professional Director
Naomi Valentine Emerging Professional Director
Directors representing individual states in the chapter
Gwen Macdonald CT State Director
Tim Simmons MA State Director
Ben Matthews ME State Director
Denise Burchsted Chair and NH State Director
Stew Diemont NY State Director
Danielle Perry Vice Chair and RI State Director
Trevien Stanger VT State Director
At-Large directors
Michael Chelminski Director At-Large
Marlyse Duguid Director At-Large
Alex Hackman Director At-Large
Michael Leff Director At-Large (stepping down, effective June 2021)
Megan Lung Director At-Large
Michael Toohill Treasurer and Director At-Large
Thomas Touchet Director At-Large