SERO Field Trip Program

** SERO 2016 Field Trips – FINAL PROGRAM **


  • To promote a dialogue between practitioners and to introduce the public to notable restoration efforts that are occurring in Ontario. 


  • Organizing short field trips led by restoration practitioners and researchers.
  • Promoting these trips within the wider community.
  • Providing information for each trip to promote the practice, principles, and benefits of ecological restoration.

2016 Restoration Field Trip Program




Trip Leader

Restoration Efforts


Scarborough Centre Butterfly Trail

Toronto & Region Conservation Authority Katie Turnbull Hydro

corridor rehabilitation

Wednesday, July 27

Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway “Parkway in a Prairie”

Co-Hosted with Tallgrass Ontario

Ontario Ministry of Transportation

Essex Region CA

Amec Foster Wheeler

Various Grassland restoration, species at risk, ecopassages

Monday, August 15

Carden Plain Grassland Habitat Enhancements

Couchiching Conservancy Land Trust Ron Reid &

David Hawke

Grassland restoration, species at risk

Wednesday, September 7


Over a Decade of Restoration Field Trips

  • Taquanyah Conservation Area in Cayuga – June 2014 – Photo Album
  • Glenorchy Conservation Area in Oakville – August 2013 – Photo Album
  • Windermere Basin in Hamilton – July 2013
  • Red Hill Valley Project – Natural Heritage Impact Mitigation and Ecosystem Rehabilitation Workshop – June 2008
  • Restoration Tour in the Kitchener-Waterloo Area – July 2006
  • Earth Day Restoration at Raven Lake, Kawartha Highlands – April 2006
  • Morningside Tributary, Rouge River, Toronto – September 2004
  • Scuttle Holes and Tyendinaga Prairie, North of Belleville – July 2004
  • Wetland Drain Restoration sites in the Long Point Area – July 2004
  • Massassauga Point Conservation Area, Bay of Quinte – July 2003
  • Carolinian Restoration Weekend, Walshigham near Long Point – May 2003
  • Oshawa Second Marsh – September 2002
  • Sudbury and Elliot Lake Mine Reclamation Tour – July 2002
  • One-Day Wetland Workshop at the Toronto Zoo – October 2001
  • The Annual Pterophylla Restoration Weekend in Walsingham, near Long Point – May 2001
  • Vellore Woods Bioengineering and Wetland Habitat Creation – May 2001
  • Brooklin Lions Wilderness Trail, in Brooklin north of Whitby – May 2001
  • High Park Oak Savanna Restoration – September 2000
  • Long Point Carolinian Weekend – May 2000
  • Bring Back the Don Field Day – October 1999
  • Tour of Restoration Projects at Metro Toronto Zoo – May 1999
  • Cawthra Woods, Mississauga, Ontario – May 1998
  • Ravines of Toronto – October 1997
  • Oshawa Second Marsh Restoration – September 1996


If you have any ideas or would like to host field trips to show your restoration project in Ontario, please contact:
Nigel Finney, SERO Field Trip Coordinator