H.B. 1009 – Classification of Prescribed Burning – 85th Texas Legislature – TXSER Action Agenda

Currently, prescribed burning is classified and regulated in Texas as a land management activity.  H.B. 1009 would classify prescribed burning as a firefighting activity and make it illegal for any municipal employee who is not a full-time, permanent civil service employee of a fire department to participate in any wildland firefighting activity, including prescribed burning.  H.B. 1009 Bill Text


H.B. 1009 has been referred to the Calendars Committee.  This Committee determines if the bill will move on to the Senate.

Committee Chairs are: Rep. Todd Hunter, Chair and Rep. Donna Howard, Vice-Chair. Other committee members include:  Reps. Roberto Alonzo, Trent Ashby, Byron Cook, Sarah Davis, Charlie Geren, Helen Giddings, Kyle Kacal and Ken King.  Committee Contact Information.


TXSER’s Plan:  

1.  Call the Committee Representatives soon and follow up with a letter or email.  If your Representative is not on the Committee, contact the Chair, Todd Hunter.  See the below link for more information that you may use, amend, or, write your own.  Who Represents Me


2.  We are watching the bill and will notify interested folks if, and when, it moves to the Senate.  If you wish to receive updates on H.B. 1009, contact Gwen Thomas at director@txser.org to be added to the list.


For detailed information about H.B. 1009 and talking points, follow the below link.

HB 1009 – Talking Points