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John Zak Confirmed as Keynote Speaker for November 2013 Conference

Posted on 15th Jun 2013

John Zak Confirmed as Keynote Speaker for Nov. Conference – The New Ecology:  Managing for Resilience in a Changing World


John Zak, Associate Dean and Professor of Soil Biology at Texas Tech University will be the Keynote Speaker at our opening dinner on Friday evening.  Zak’s core research focuses on the diversity and structure of soil bacterial and fungal communities and their role in regulating the functioning of natural and managed arid ecosystems.  In each of the projects, Zak’s lab is focused on understanding how soil microbial dynamics and processes can be self-sustaining such  that these systems are sustainable for future generations.  He recently undertook the role of TTU’s Principal Investigator for the South-Central Climate Change Science Center which seeks to better understand the impact of global climate change on human and natural ecosystems across the South Central U.S.  Zak’s research provides critical information that can be used by all of us to address water policy issues, to develop conservation, management, and restoration strategies, and to help formulate economic responses that are linked to projections of precipitation patterns and temperature.


In his keynote address, Zak will highlight his work on arid ecosystems and climate change.  He will challenge conference participants to think about the impact of temperature and precipitation on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems as we seek to manage and restore critical and/or degraded habitats in the State of Texas.  We are thrilled that John will be kicking off the conference.

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