Where in the SW Chapter should we go next?


We know you are excited for our upcoming conference in Flagstaff, but we can’t help looking ahead! We are seeking nominations for the 2019 annual conference location. Please consider:


1) Meeting, lodging, and dining facilities for between 100 and 200 people.

2) Travel accessibility via air and vehicle.

3) Local meeting committee participants willing to work with the Chapter meeting committee. (Bonus for identifying willing committee members upfront)

4) Potential for interesting field trips.


Local meeting committee members will facilitate contracts for meeting venue, lodging, meals, and solicit local donors for raffle items.


If you would like to nominate a 2019 SER Southwest Chapter meeting location at the upcoming 2018 meeting in Flagstaff, please contact Jeff Conn at: vicepresident@sersw.org. Accepted nominations will be asked to provide a five minute presentation at the 2018 Chapter meeting highlighting the proposed location, accommodations, travel options, and any other pertinent information.