2016 – Regional conference, Monitoring Ecological Restoration – Measuring Change and Seeing Results, held in Portland, Oregon.

2015 – Summer campout retreat held at the Peterson Prairie Campground, Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

2014 – Regional conference, Collaborative Restoration: From Community Efforts to Landscape Scales, held in partnership with of the Northwest SER Great Basin Chapter (300 attendees). Restoration Walks events at Columbia Hills State Park and Magnuson Park WA.

2013 – SERNW 20th Anniversary Celebration. SERNW represented at the SER2013 World Conference on Ecological Restoration. Three-day Soil Bioengineering and Natural Processes workshop in collaboration with Olympic National Park. Restoration Walks event series at 10 sites across WA and OR.

2012 – Regional Conference in May 2012 in Victoria, BC, hosted by SERNW, SER-British Columbia, WA-BC Chapter of the American Fisheries Society and University of Victoria Restoration of Natural Systems Program.

2010 – Joint Regional Conference with SERNW, Society of Wetland Scientists and the Washington Chapter of The Wildlife Society in February 2010 in Tulalip (Marysville area) WA.

2007 – Joint SERNW and Society of Wetland Scientists Regional Conference held in September 2007 in Yakima WA (400 attendees).

2006 – Joint SERNW and Society of Wetland Scientists Regional Conference, 10,000 Years on the Columbia: What Have We Learned?, in Vancouver WA (280 attendees).

2006 – Design to Dirt Workshop series expanded and continued at conference.

2005 – SERNW Regional Conference, Sustainability and Restoration: a Practical Partnership for the 21st Century, in Seattle WA (410 attendees).

2005 – Design to Dirt Workshop series in Everett WA drew an average of 70 participants to each of three trainings.

2003 – Joint SERNW and Society of Wetland Scientists Regional Conference, The Restoration Toolbox, in Portland OR (530 attendees).

2002 – Design to Dirt Workshop series in Seattle drew an average of over 80 participants to each of the six trainings.

2001 – Regional Conference, Restoration and Recovery: Beyond Good Intentions, in Bellevue WA (650 participants).  Breakfast meeting series in Seattle, Everett, and Portland, from 2001 to 2003.

2000 – Reed Canary Grass Working Group Conference in Olympia WA (230 attendees). Released Scientific Review of the Washington State Forest and Fish Report, in partnership with the American Fisheries Society.

1999 – Plant Specification Workshop in Portland, OR as the first in a three part workshop series: Specification/Implementation/Monitoring.  Symposium on Sagebrush Steppe Ecosystems by the Shrub-Steppe Working Group in Boise, ID.

1998 – Restoration Conference, Turning the Tide, in Tacoma WA (750 participants). Established six Working Groups: Riparian, Prairie, Dunes, Reed Canary grass, Sagebrush/Steppe and Garry Oak.