Tenth Annual Chapter Meeting – Call for Workshop and Symposium Proposals

April 20 to April 22, 2018

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

We encourage the submission of workshop and symposium proposals that are directly related to the meeting theme and our meeting goal, as well as proposals involving any topic related to ecological restoration. It is not necessary to be a member of the Midwest-Great Lakes SER Chapter to organize a workshop or symposium for this meeting. Workshops and symposia will be allocated a two hour block in the meeting program. Workshops maybe led by one or more instructors and symposia typically include four to five presenters. We would like to offer at least two workshops and two symposia. The deadline for submission of workshop and symposium proposals has been extended until December 1, 2017. Proposals need to be submitted via email to the following email address (mwgl.ser@gmail.com) with the proposal information attached as a Microsoft Word file (*.doc or *.docx) or Rich Text Format (*.rtf). The subject line of your email should read “MWGL SER 2018 Annual Meeting Workshop/Symposium Proposal”. Please email us at mwgl.ser@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding the development of workshop or symposia proposals. Please provide the information below in preparation of your proposal.

1. Type of proposal: Indicate whether your proposal is for a workshop or symposium. Workshops focus on practical applications and are intended to convey specific technical knowledge, skills, or methodologies. In contrast symposia provide a forum for the exploration and discussion of special topics or themes.

2. Format for workshop/symposia organizer title, and affiliation information: Use Times New Roman font with a font size of 12. List all organizers of the workshop or symposium and provide abbreviated contact information for each with the affiliated institution, city, and state. Additionally, provide the email addresses of all organizers. See examples provided below

a. All organizers having same affiliation:

Jones, Jane J. and John D. Doe. Past, present, and future use of streamside buffers in agricultural watersheds. Jones University, Anytown, Ohio. Email: jane.jones@jones.edu; john.doe@jones.edu

b. Organizers with different affiliations:

Smith, Ann R.1, Jane D. Doe1, and Jim R. Evers2. Innovative prairie restoration techniques. 1Old School University, Anytown, Wisconsin. 2Deer County Agricultural Agency, Jonesburg, Michigan. Email: asmith@oldschool.edu; jane.doe@dcaa.gov; jim.evers@dcaa.gov

3. Workshop or Symposia Abstract: An abstract is a single paragraph summary of your proposed workshop or symposium. The abstract must be single-spaced and aligned left with no indentations. Maximum word limit for text of abstract is 300 words.

4. Names and affiliations of individual presenters and presentation titles (Symposia only): Provide the names and affiliations for all individuals who will be part of the proposed symposium and the titles of their presentations. Please ensure that the author, title, and affiliation information for individual presentations follows the same format listed above for the overall symposium. If the proposed symposium is accepted as part of our meeting program, then we will request that organizers provide us with the abstracts from the individual symposium presentations.

Download the Call for Workshops/Symposia (53 kb)

Download the Symposia/Workshop Format Examples (19 kb)