6th European Conference on Ecological Restoration

Towards a sustainable future for European Ecosystems – Providing restoration guidelines for Natura2000 habitats and species

8-12 September 2008, Ghent, Belgium

The SER2008 conference was a big success with 500 participants from more than 40 countries. The following links provide more information on:

Scope of the Conference

The conference took place in Ghent, Belgium from 8-12 September 2008 and dealt with the specific topic of ecological restoration and Natura2000, namely the areas, habitat types and species designated under the Habitat and Bird Directives. The main objectives of the conference were:

–      improving the exchange of knowledge between science and policy makers, practitioners and stakeholders on the subject;

–      learn from approaches and experiences in different EU-countries;

–      stimulate trans-boundary contacts and use of good practices;

–      socio-economic and legal issues of ecological restoration in the Natura2000 context.

The conference was organised by the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (Brussels), in collaboration with different government bodies and international NGOs. For more information, contact kris.decleer@inbo.be.


New release: Ecological Restoration in Flanders (Belgium)

Learn more about the successes and failures in Flemish restoration projects (40 projects extensively discussed and illustrated) and about the policy framework for ecological restoration in Flanders.

Reference: Decleer,K. (ed.) (2008). Ecological Restoration in Flanders (Belgium). Mededelingen van het Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek INBO.M.2008.04, 160 pp. ISBN 978-90-403-0278-7.