Restoration ecology of low-productive ecosystems

Summer course at the Radboud University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands

23 – 27 September 2007

Below you will find an overview of the experts and PhD students who attended the course, as well as their lectures and presentations (fully downloadable). A link to the evaluation of this event is also included.

The course was primarily intended for PhD students who work in the field of restoration ecology of low productive ecosystems, such as heathlands, species-rich grasslands and similar communities. Special emphasis was put upon the interaction between abiotic constraints and restoration success.

Lectures by experts

(click on the presenter’s name to download a pdf of each lecture)

van Diggelen Rudy — University of Groningen — “Restoration Ecology: Introduction”

Roelofs Jan — University of Nijmegen — “Physico-Chemical Key Processes in Restoration Ecology”

Hölzel Norbert — Universitat Munster — “Re-introduction of species”

Grootjans Ab — University of Groningen — “Ecohydrological analyses in Restoration Ecology”

Harris Jim — Cranfield University — “The role of soil microbiology in restoration”

Van Groenendael Jan — University of Nijmegen — “Effects of fragmentation on restoration perspectives”

Smolders Fons — B-WARE Research Centre — “Re-creation of species-rich vegetations on former agricultural lands”

Verberk Wilco  — Stichting Baggerveen — “Landscape degradation and restoration: an animal’s perspective”

Van de Koppel Johan — Netherlands Institute for Ecology — “Alternate stable states and restoration of intertidal systems”

Lamers Leon — University of Nijmegen — “Biogeochemistry of C and nutrients in peatlands: Applied aspects”

van Damme Stefan — University of Antwerp — “Restoring river catchments with special emphasis on the role of tidal marshes”

Bobbink Roland — University of Utrecht — “Restoration of species-rich heaths and matgrass swards”

Lectures by PhD students

(Click on the student’s name to download a pdf of each presentation)

Geurts Jeroen — Radboud University Nijmegen — “Hydrology, water and peat quality: which type of management will restore the biodiversity of typical fen communities?”

Noordijk Jinze — Wageningen University — “Ecological Management of Roadside Verges: fauna”

Glen Emma-Lee — Manchester Metropolitan University — “The use of topsoil inversion in ecological restoration”

Pulgar Maria Lorente — University of Castilla-La Mancha — “Application of the Long-Term Biodiversity Index (LBI) in the Yepes Quarry”

Coiffait Clementine — Institut Méditerranéen d’Ecologie et de Paléoécologie (IMEP) — “Enhancement of vegetation recolonization after habitat destruction”

Dainese Matteo — University of Padova — “Valorisation of seminatural grasslands as source of seed for biodiversity conservation”

Klimkowska Agata — Groningen University — “Restoration of a Polish fen”

Burmeier Sandra — Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen — “Soil seed bank development during the succession processes that follows grassland restoration measures”

Banach Arthur — Radboud University Nijmegen — “Biogeochemical constraints for combined water retention and nature development in Malopolski Prelom Wisly floodplains”

Banach Kasja — Radboud University Nijmegen — “Plant response to dynamic hydrological conditions”

Mohan Mark —  Cranfield University — “The performance of Bioenergy crops in heavy metal contaminated soils”

Van Diggelen Jose — Radboud University Nijmegen — “Anaerobic decomposition of peat soil: what is the effect of nitrate and sulphate?”

Dijkstra Jelte Pieter — Groningen University — “Insights In establisment constraints on restoration by using plant traits ”

van der Heiden Tjisse  — Radboud University Nijmegen — “Positive feedbacks in seagrass ecosystems. Implications for conservation and restoration”