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WIKI tool for river restoration in Europe

NEW: WIKI tool for river restoration in Europe. An interactive source of information on river restoration schemes from around Europe assembled by the RESTORE partnership. Policy makers, river restoration practitioners and other stakeholders now have a new online tool at their disposal, providing them with hundreds of river restoration case studies. The  River WIKI database […]Read More
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Czech – German workshop on restoration after mining activities

In February 2009, the working groups  of Sabine Tischew (Anhalt University  of Applied Sciences, Germany) and of Karel Prach (University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic) started the bi-national project “Utilisation of near-natural re-vegetation methods in restoration of surface-mined land”. In the course of the project, the first workshop has taken place in České Budějovice. Learn […]Read More
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Decision support system for the restoration of sea dunes and raised bogs

The Radboud University of Nijmegen (Netherlands) and partners developed a decision support system for the restoration of sea dunes and raised bogs.  It is very useful for the planning and execution of restoration projects for these habitat types. Ecological knowledge and practical experiences of 130 site-managers and scientists from 13 countries were implemented. This decision […]Read More