SER Europe needs to contract a part-time (initially 50%) freelance Program Officer with view of a permanent basis to work together with the Program Manager (PM), the executive board, project associates, and active SERE members.
All details and indications to apply here.
Applications will be accepted until 25 November.

Q&A for call applicants (updated 11.11.22)

All the questions we are receiving from candidates answered openly:

1/ The annual service fee indicated in the call is for 80hr/month of work or is it the equivalent to a full annual fee?
The initial contract of 80 hours a month (with possibility to increase during 2023) and with annual service fee at a range of 20.000-25.000 € according to candidate, refers to the amount payable for 80 hours a month, therefore it is not an annual equivalent.

2/ Is it the same to apply with a letter of motivation or a video statement?
It is the same. SERE suggests to send a simple video statement recorded by your own mobile for more clarity, but both wil be accepted. One of the two is compulsory.

3/ What Hardware, and Software and Communication tools are we talking about? Since this involves cost with software licenses. I expect: Microsoft tools, Computer/laptop, Microfone/webcamera, are the minimum. But is there anything outside of this range? What is your websites back-office and who is running it?

The basic working equipment (hardware and software) is expected to be provided by the contracted person. Any specific needs beyond that will be covered by SERE via projects (e.g. surveying, newsletter or online board tools).

SERE website is run in wordpress under the website system of SER International and it is managed by the SER Europe team with technical support by SER.

4/ Which costs are paid for? Travel Expenses only?

Permanent basic office equipment, hardware and office space is on behalf of the candidate and included in the total contract service fee proposed. SERE covers all occasional costs, including travel, and other occasional costs.

5/ Does own Office Space mean a space proper for in presence meatings or is working from home ok?

Working from home is perfectly ok. If for a special occasion a day rented space this can be covered via SERE projects.

6/ Since this posting would mean a 50% occupation of my time, I would monetize the rest of my time with another activity. Is there anything against pursuing other professional projects with the rest of my time?

SER Europe offers a 50% time contract, all candidates are expected to have other professional occupations the rest of their time. If the task with SERE increases over time it will be valuable if the candidate can extend the time dedication with SERE at extra income.

7/ My main doubts pertain to the fact that this posting doesn’t relate to one specific project/program, but to many. Which will determinate which work packages are done by each program officer. Is this yet to be discussed between everyone or are the work packages already though of? Are the other program officers also hovering over all the program or are they “program dedicated”?

Since November 2020 SERE has been hiring a Program Manager, and in 2022 we have had 4 specific and short term agreements with associates for projects.

This will be the very first and, for now, only Program Officer hired in SERE and this is why the position is not connected to a specific project. Projects however are described here. We have concrete tasks to be developed in several projects in 2023 and we will discuss and decide with the selected candidate which ones will be assumed. This can be discussed at the final selection steps if necessary.