SER Europe needs to contract a freelance Ecological Restoration expert to monitor the application of the SER International Principles & Standards for the Practice of Ecological Restoration in three pilot projects located in Spain, as part of an ongoing project in collaboration with WWF-Spain. Specific tasks to be developed include:
  1. Support pilot project implementation to meet standards in Muela de Cortés (Valencia), Doñana (Huelva) and Galicia, including field visits.
  2. Refine standards based on adaptive management actively engaging in the drafting the text, including glossary and description of verificators.
  3. Harmonize certification with other parallel processes.
  4. Carry out cost-benefit data collection involving further experts in their analysis.
  5. Design a communication plan.
The task will be discontinuous over the period January-December 2022 with a total expected dedication of 640 hours. The contract may be extended in 2023. The selected expert will sign a contract with SERE and invoice us. If registered outside Belgium, this contract will not include VAT. The budget allocated to this contract will be between 12,800 – 15,000 € depending on the profile of the final selected candidate.
Please read the TOR to apply for this position. Spanish proficiency and English at professional level both required. The candidate will be selected at any moment after January 1st and no later than February 1st. Please send your candidature as soon as possible.