SER Europe joins People 4 Soil

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SER Europe joins People 4 Soil

SER Europe joins People 4 Soil.   
Soil is a vital, limited, non-renewable and irreplaceable resource: the welfare of current and future generations depends on the health of soils. People 4 Soil is a free and open network of European NGOs, research institutes, farmers associations and environmental groups who want Europe to recognise soil as a common good essential for our lives.

In 2015 Legambiente (an Italian member of the European Environmental Bureau) launched ‘People 4 Soil’, a campaign to promote a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) aimed at introducing specific legislation on soil protection in the EU.

Over 200 organisations have already joined the network, but in order for the ECI to be successful one million signatures are required. The People 4 Soil initiative is looking for more partners to help spread the petition through newsletters, direct contacts, and social networks.

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