Chapter Bylaws

Chapter Bylaws were amended by the Board in June 2014 (originally approved by membership in January 2010).

Illinois, Parklands Foundation

Illinois, Parklands Foundation, restoring fire to the system (photo courtesy Tim Lindenbaum)

As of February 11, 2013, the MWGL Chapter is officially designated a 501(c)3 organization by the IRS. Previously, in August, 2012, we were formally incorporated as a non-profit in Indiana, which was a required step leading to IRS designation. You can read the official acceptance letter and our articles of incorporation in Indiana. Thank you, Jen, Roger, Rocky and all who helped with the application and process.

Leah Bregman, Membership and Communications Manager for SER in Washington, DC, at the MWGL Chapter Annual Meeting in Ohio, April 2013 (photo N. Aten)