RENO (Restoration of damaged Ecosystems in the Nordic countries)

RENO is a Nordic multidisciplinary network of scientists, practitioners, policy makers and entrepreneurs working with ecological restoration. The ReNo group conducts national assessment of the extent, status, methods and results of restoration activities in  the Nordic countries, analyzes the natural and socio-economic processes involved in restoration, identifies knowledge gaps and inadequate policy instruments, and develops paradigms and guidelines for restoration.

The ReNo project was funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers during 2009-2011. The group continues its work during 2012- 2014 as EvRest project, which includes members also from Canada, Greenland and Scotland. The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. EvRest aims at developing frameworks to evaluate ecological restoration projects and thereby improving the quality of restoration projects.

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Finnish Restoration Board

The Finnish Restoration Board is a national collaborative group consisting of managers, scientists, and experts working with habitat restoration and the management of cultural habitats. The group supports restoration and nature management actions both on state-owned and private land. Four expert groups work under the Restoration Board: peatland expert group, forest restoration expert group, river restoration expert group and the cultural habitats expert group. The Restoration  Board together with the expert groups prepares restoration handbooks and organizes seminars. The Restoration Board is coordinated by Metsähallitus and Finnish Environmental Institute.

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Knowledge Network for Restoration and Management of Nature in The Netherlands.  

In the so-called ‘OBN Knowledge Network’ researchers, site managers, universities, consultancies, NGO’s and governmental bodies closely cooperate to restore ecosystems and nature reserves. In this network, knowledge and practice intermingle, and science and nature management jointly look for the most effective approaches to enhance sustainable conservation of important ecosystems in the Dutch landscapes. Landscape-based ‘Expert Teams’ are working on development, dissemination and implementation of knowledge on restoration and rehabilitation of nature reserves, on issues regarding Natura 2000 and the EU Water Framework Directive, as well as on distribution problems of individual species. During the last decade, the OBN Network is also focussing on environmental problems, such as the effects of atmospheric nitrogen deposition, climate change, sea level rise, coastal defence, flood risks, and other changes in the hydrological systems. Numerous reports have been published as outcome of the OBN program (in Dutch).

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